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Residential Roof Inspection Services In Central Ohio

AM Roofing and Siding provides professional roof inspection services for homeowners in the Zanesville, Hilliard, Lancaster, and the surrounding areas of Central Ohio.

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Why Should You Inspect Your Roof Every Year?

Having your roof inspected annually is important for detecting any developing issues before they turn into major, costly problems. Small cracks, loose components, or granule loss can eventually lead to leaks, interior damage, and premature roof failure if left unaddressed. Regular inspections allow roofers to catch these concerns early and extend your roof's lifespan through minor repairs.

What We Check During A Roof Inspection

Roof Surface

We closely examine the condition of shingles, tiles, metal panels or other roofing materials, looking for any cracking, curling, missing pieces or granule loss.

Drainage System

The gutters and downspouts are inspected to ensure proper water flow and identify any clogs, detachments, or leaks.

Roof Penetrations

The areas where vents, skylights, chimneys, and pipes penetrate the roof are checked for gaps, deteriorated sealant, or flashing issues.


The chimney structure itself is assessed for cracked bricks, a secure cap, and any potential points of water entry.

Attic Space

We inspect the attic to look for any interior signs of leaks, moisture, ventilation issues, or structural concerns.

Common Roofing Problems Revealed During a Roof Inspection

  • Loose, cracked, or missing shingles/tiles
  • Curled, blistered, or splitting shingles showing wear
  • Excessive shingle granules accumulating in gutters
  • Rusted or corroded metal flashing or roof accessories
  • Loose, missing, or deteriorated sealant around vents/pipes

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