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Chimney Repair Services In Central Ohio

AM Roofing and Siding provides reliable chimney repair services to homeowners in the Zanesville, Hilliard, and Lancaster areas of Central Ohio.

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Why Chimney Maintenance & Repairs Are Important

Regular chimney maintenance and prompt repairs are crucial for both the safety and protection of your home's structure. A neglected chimney can develop cracks that allow hazardous gasses and water into your home, which increases the risk of fires or damage to the chimney's masonry over time. Routine inspections detect small issues before they escalate into major, costly repairs.

Types Of Chimney Repairs We Offer

Masonry Repair

We fix cracked, crumbling or deteriorated bricks and mortar joints on the chimney's exterior.

Firebox Repair

Any cracks or damage inside the firebox can be repaired or resurfaced by our experts.

Chimney Liner Installation

We install new chimney flue liners to improve drafts and prevent interior masonry erosion.

Crown Repair

We'll fix or replace the chimney's concrete crown to prevent water infiltration.

Why We Recommend Chimney Maintenance Every Year

Don't risk your or your family's safety, and get your chimney professionally inspected and repaired annually by our qualified team.

  • Identify minor masonry cracks before they worsen into expensive structural issues
  • Clear out flammable creosote buildup from the flue to prevent chimney fires
  • Inspect the chimney liner to ensure proper updraft and venting of gasses
  • Check for any animal nests or debris obstructing the chimney
  • Verify the chimney cap is intact to keep out moisture and pests

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